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Why You Don’t Want To Settle For A Cheap DJ In Dallas

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

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Dallas, Texas is a renowned hub of music and entertainment known widely for doing things bigger and better. People from around the country come to Dallas to enjoy dancing, singing, to be entertained. Tourists and locals alike can enjoy the city’s splendor in local bars and restaurants, community events, social gatherings, birthdays, weddings, and more. A great environment and celebration can be uplifted even more with great music and party vibes provided by a professional and talented Dallas DJ. Unfortunately, if you’ve hired a cheap DJ in Dallas this can ruin the vibe and spoil the mood of guests at the party.

It is essential for event hosts to be analytical, do their research, and not be easily swayed by cost alone. A cheap DJ in Dallas might be the “right price” but your event could be negatively affected by poor equipment quality, tacky or cheesy MC styles, lack of professionalism, tardiness, or even no-shows. When reviewing your DJ options for your event’s entertainment, be sure to review the package of what is included as well as the experience and talent the DJ will bring.

The experience and equipment a DJ provides are supposed to help the audience dive into the moment, enjoy the festivities, and create lasting memories. While high-quality equipment is important, it isn’t the only criteria they should meet. They should still prove that their music and MCing chops are professional and worthy of your event. It’s not an easy task to mix music and sound effects, handle DJ controllers, plan stage lighting, and create the party vibes for a large crowd, and a subpar DJ could fall short. Working with a cheap DJ in Dallas may leave you and your guests feeling awkward and uncomfortable with a less than enjoyable or professional experience. Unfortunately, we’ve seen it happen all too often.

You Might Save Money, But Risk Your Entire Event

Picture this: you are at your birthday party at the beach and you have hired a relatively cheap Dallas DJ to fit your budget. This cheap Dallas DJ raved about their music mixing skills and even provided you with some videos of their previous events. Unfortunately, his equipment isn’t up to the task. You and your guests can hear the sounds of the rolling ocean more clearly than the music because of this DJ’s low-quality speakers and other equipment.

The point of having music at a party is to set a positive, energetic mood for you and your event guests. If you have a large event with hundreds of people, are hosting an outdoor event, or have a large venue hall, your DJ needs to bring professional equipment to support this event. It’s highly common that a cheap Dallas DJ does not have the equipment for these types of events and therefore may not be the most suitable option for you.

You can find great DJs in Dallas that can provide you with a personalized playlist, excellent event planning skills, sufficient playtime, and professional-grade equipment without breaking the bank. Be Entertained Event’s professional DJs in Dallas, for example, have comprehensive and fairly priced packages to meet all of your event needs. All of our packages come standard with high-quality equipment and accessories including uplighting, dance floor lighting, drawn cameras for live streaming and video recordings, bubble machines, and much more!

A Cheap Dallas DJ Can Bring Cheesy Entertainment

Not only can a cheap DJ in Dallas bring unsuitable music equipment, but they may also bring unsuitable and cheesy entertainment. A cheesy DJ doesn’t understand that there are rhythms and flows required to hype up the crowd. Sound effects, ad-libs, music mixing, and transitioning are the majority of what you pay for when you hire a DJ. However, it’s these major aspects that a cheesy, cheap DJ can over-do.

We’ve all been out to a party or club and heard that DJ who is overkill with the mic or horn sound effects. If this was your event, the dancing and enjoyment might not last for more than an hour or two. This is why it’s so crucial for event planners to review the experience of a cheap Dallas DJ. Rather than save a few dollars, save yourself the disappointment and regrets of an event that failed to delight yourself and your guests.

Celebrations are always very special whether it’s your wedding day, birthday, success party, graduation party, anniversary, or a family reunion. Your efforts to make every second special and noteworthy by planning from the event attire to the photographers, event theme to the decor, hosting to the quality entertainment, venue to the menu, and still a long list of preps to be done. Don’t let a cheap DJ in Dallas ruin all your hard work.

A Cheap Dallas DJ Can Leave You In The Dust

The professional DJ in Dallas exactly knows what type of details holds great significance. Sometimes the cheap Dallas DJ lacks the right communication skills required to get information such as the birthday girl’s name or contract validity conditions from the client site. Sometimes a healthy agreement can even turn into a no-show. At Be Entertained Events we‘ve seen it happen more than a few times, and we were able to step in and save the day even at the last minute.

Rather than risk losing your deposit to an inexpert and cheap DJ in Dallas, work with a highly qualified professional from the start. When you work with a cheap DJ in Dallas on a no-contract basis, it can increase your chances of lost time and money. You might be able to notice if a DJ is stringing you along based on their lack of interest in your event or the timeline.

Timeline planning is done to manage all the segments of an event properly. DJing holds a significant segment in timeline planning. To best help these segments flow through the course of an evening, your DJ needs to know the sequence, and a timeline plan can be very helpful in such situations. No one could manage the event perfectly by planning it just before arriving at the party.

We’ve also heard numerous clients complain about not getting their paid money’s worth in terms of the DJ’s playtime. When you hire a DJ to work with, you agree on the amount of time( hours) that you are booking them for. For example, one of our standard packages at Be Entertained Events includes 6 total hours: about 1 hour to set up, 4 hours to play music/ entertain, and 1 hour of break down. This is how most professional DJs operate. However, it could be risky to expect full-time entertainment from a cheap DJ in Dallas. They may let their set-up time cut into their playtime hours. They could wrap up earlier than expected. They may even take extra long breaks that you have to pay for.

The cheap DJ in Dallas can be cost-effective, but you are losing out on professionalism, peace of mind, and quality entertainment. When you have a very special event, don’t let cost be your only deciding factor for such an integral part of your event. You can save yourself headaches and heartaches by opting to work with truly professional DJs in Dallas.

Be Entertained Events: The Premier DJ in Dallas Service

You might be weighing the risk versus reward when hiring a cheap DJ in Dallas. Most planners are working with a DJ for the first time, and they’re not aware of the signs to look for that help them know when they’re dealing with a professional or a novice. At Be Entertained Events, we work to exceed your expectations. Our DJs are highly-trained and experienced in all manners of being great DJ. From event timeline planning, equipment checks, and backups, music, and MCing, all the way until the very last dance, we give our best.

We believe successful celebrations are important for making long-lasting, cherished memories. From the beginning of our agreement with a client, we are passionately planning and working to help create that celebration. Our professional DJs in Dallas have been expertly entertaining for many years and have achieved great recognition. From our team of 6 talented and exciting female DJs, we’re sure we can find the perfect one to bring laughter and joy to you and your guests.

We not only offer audio entertainment but a variety of packages to meet your event needs including dance floor lighting, disco lighting effects, personalized playlist options as well as full assistance with the event and music timeline. We offer a photo booth as an extra boost of entertainment and memories for you and your guests and live streaming. Being more attentive to the details, client’s objectives, and approaching all the possibilities the best way under the contract are some of the expert qualities provided by the DJs of Be Entertainment Events. Visit our website to review our party packages, meet all of our DJs and schedule your free consultation to discuss your event and your goals. We look forward to entertaining you!


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