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10 Ways For You To Find The Perfect DJ in Dallas

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

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The entertainment at your wedding is one of the best ways you can make sure that your guests have an awesome time and create lasting memories. It is also an excellent way to make your event unique. After all, your wedding is a celebration and a party. You want to make sure that your celebration is as amazing as you. Finding and hiring that perfect DJ to either get your guests grooving to the music on the dance floor or a simple accompaniment during your reception can be challenging.

One of the best reasons you should hire a DJ is because they have a massive library of songs that your guests can love plus, they can put effects on it to make sure there are no awkward silences during the transition. Making your event that much better. The type of DJ that you will hire will heavily depend on the type of music you want to be played at your wedding and music that your guests will enjoy. There are a lot of DJ's that are available that can provide hip music to make it more than just a reception but also a dance party. There are also some DJ's that can customize a special playlist just for your special day.

With that said, here are some tips that you can consider when you're hunting for the best DJ whether you’re in Dallas or somewhere else.

1. Look For a Dallas DJ with Experience

A lot of people usually hire a DJ whose rates are the cheaper alternative. But I suggest looking into a DJ that may have more experience in your type of event. Search online, check the forums and even ask for some referrals.

If you want your entertainment to have more of a club feel, then having great dance music would be the best choice. You can check for a DJ at your local clubs. It is even possible for these DJs to offer you lower rates but that doesn't mean that they would have a lot of experience with weddings.

Ideal options would be for you to find a club DJ or someone with a lot of experience. They can both offer you the best music for your event. But it may cost you. So, be a tad wary.

2. Get Samples from Different DJs in Dallas, TX

Once you've narrowed down your list of possible DJs to one or two, ask them to provide you with samples of their work. This could be anything from a mixtape, a playlist, or even a recorded live performance. This gives you a better insight into how good they are and if they would be perfect for your special day.

3. Look for a DJ That Can Play the Genres You Like

Also, we would suggest that when you have decided on who to hire, be open with your DJ and discuss with them your preference. Especially if you are already set on a genre or a playlist. Make sure they are willing and open to follow it. To take it a step further, you can also opt to provide them with a "do not play" songs list for you to avoid any unnecessary surprises that may be unpleasant.

4. Can This DJ Bring the Hype?

One of the best ways you can make sure that your wedding will be memorable and fun is by asking your DJ how they handle the crowd and how they hype them up. Confirm with your DJ if they accept requests from guests and if they are also willing to host or emcee the event, as well as how they get the shy ones to shimmy into the dance floor.

5. Ask About What Extras and Add-Ons They Offer

Entertainment for events goes beyond just simple music. Some DJ's in Dallas even take it one step further and offer extra services such as; video projections, hedge wall, dance floor rental, draping, floating cakes, and even lighting.

6. It’s Okay to Turn Down a Family or Friend

You may know someone who is a DJ. It may be a friend, a cousin, or a simple acquaintance making you feel like you are required to hire them because of the connection they have with you. You have the option to hire them or not, but you should let their qualifications be the factor that determines it and not your shared relations. But if you do opt to go and hire someone that you know then don't make things casual between you two when discussing the transactional aspect of your event. Make sure that you have a contract signed by all parties that details all their and your obligations.

7. Who Do Your Venues Recommend?

You can speak with your venue and ask them if they have a preferred DJ on hand. Because their preferred DJ is most likely accustomed to the acoustics of the locations and they most likely are aware of any special conditions that can cause a hurdle for your event. You don't have to go with the DJ they suggest but you can add them to your list of interviewees.

8. Can Your Family or Friends Refer a Good DJ in Dallas?

If you remember an event hosted by your friends or family then you can reach out to them and ask them for the name of the DJ and add them to your list of possibilities.

9. Check Out Local Forums

Scour the internet forums in your local area and check out who the people are recommending. Check more than just the star rating. Read the reviews so, you can find out why people are recommending them.

10. Interview a Choice Handful of DJs in Dallas

Make a short-list of the DJs you want to interview and schedule it with them accordingly. But if they don't show up on time, then you should ask yourself how sure are you that they will be on time for your special day.

Be Entertained Dallas is the Best of the Best DJs in Dallas

If you are looking for premier DJs in Dallas for your wedding, bar/bat mitzvah, corporate events, and even more then look no further than Be Entertained Events because we offer premier DJ services for your events. We are specialists when it comes to helping you create an event that will be memorable and unforgettable for you and your guests. To schedule your consultation, visit our website or call us at (682) 268-1960.


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