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Why You Need a Dallas DJ For Your Social Events

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

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Any type of event that you’re hosting needs to incorporate the ABCDE’s of event planning to make it successful and stunning. The ABCDE’s of event planning is an acronym that stands for Atmosphere, Beverages, Cuisine, Decor, and Entertainment. Many people often forget the Entertainment portion since they're so concerned with organizing the other components, however, music and entertainment can make all the difference between an “alright” and an “awesome” party! If you’re planning a special social event in Dallas, then you need a Dallas DJ to impress and entertain your guests.

Types of Social Events to Hire a Dallas DJ

So what is a social event? A “Social Event” is an umbrella term that encompasses any event that brings a group of people together to have fun, be joyful, and be, well, social! Anything from a birthday party to a bridal shower can be considered a social event. The Be Entertained Team has performed at a wide variety of social events such as the following.


A wedding isn’t complete unless it has a little singing and dancing. The wedding reception is half of the wedding celebration, and it requires good food, good vibes, and great musical entertainment. If you’re planning to tie the knot, you need a professional wedding DJ in Dallas to get your family and friends moving and grooving.

Birthday Parties, Quinceñeras, and Bat/Bar Mitzvahs

Whether the guest of honor is just coming into adulthood or celebrating being 60 years young, a party is a great way to have their loved ones celebrate their life and opportunities. These types of social events need a professional and exciting Dallas DJ to get everybody grooving and moving.

Graduation Parties

It’s important to celebrate accomplishments and get acclaim for hard work- plus, it’s an acknowledgment of an important milestone! That’s why our Dallas DJs love to perform at graduation parties and offer our congratulations to the grad in a very special way.

Family Reunions

We’re all often so busy that it’s great to set a day to make time for the people who matter most - family. When you bring everyone together and catch up on life, make sure you also have some fun with music and dancing.

Anniversary Parties

Another event to celebrate milestones, as well as making things last! Whether you’re celebrating a wedding anniversary or an anniversary with your organization, a fun-filled party is just the way to celebrate and say “Let’s keep going!”

Networking and Corporate Events

Just because an event is business-related, doesn’t mean it has to be all business and boring. Since the times of old, lords and ladies gathered together for large, decadent balls filled with dancing and buffets of food - just to welcome their guests and create a friendly relationship before they discussed their agendas. Today, you can still use these techniques to boost your business and connections.

Holiday Gatherings

Holidays are the best because everyone gets to relax, have fun, and enjoy the time we have with friends and family. If you have a favorite holiday or are celebrating an especially important season why not go big? At Be Entertained Events, we’ve performed at tons of holiday gatherings, from corporate Christmas parties to big, bold family New Year celebrations.

Baby Showers

What better way to welcome a new soul (or souls) into the world than with joy, laughter, and dancing? While Mom might have to stick to the seated-shuffle, everyone else can groove and move and create positive energy to surround the growing family and their soon-to-be new arrival.

Bridal Showers and Bachelorette Parties

Before “The Big Day,” many bride-to-bes host a bridal shower to receive gifts, congratulations, and have girl-time! This is a wonderful time to celebrate your soon-to-be marriage, as well as look back fondly on your single years. Whether you’re throwing your bridal bash at a residence or a public location, you can always trust the Be Entertained DJs in Dallas to show you and your girls a great time!

Block Parties

Who doesn’t love a good block party? It’s so rare that we get to hang out with our neighbors nowadays, and connecting with members of our community helps to strengthen and empower it.

Whether block parties are hosted by your city government, a local charity or organization, or even a school event, they deserve quality entertainment and music from a Dallas DJ.

Clubs/ Community Events/ Galas

You don’t need a super special reason to hire a DJ in Dallas because we’re always ready to party. If you’re hosting a club opening, a special community event at your country club, or hosting a gala for your non-profit you can get great returning traffic and even greater reviews when you include a professional Dallas DJ to get the party started.

What Can A Dallas DJ Provide to Your Social Event?

Social event entertainment is about much more than just streaming music online, it’s even more than just hiring an amateur DJ to make a playlist and perform. When you take the time, money, and energy to put together a lovely event, you don’t want to reduce its impact with lackluster entertainment. When you’re looking for a DJ in Dallas, look for a professional that can bring the whole party!

Music Mixing and Emceeing

This is what most people expect when they hire a DJ - but it’s still essential to inquire about their experience and accommodations since some DJs don’t feel comfortable being an MC. At your social event, you need someone to create a positive, energetic, uplifting vibe with music and some engaging repartee to encourage dancing and participation.

Professional Audio Equipment

Not all music equipment is created equal, when you’re looking to hire a Dallas DJ, be sure that you ask if they’re using professional, high-quality audio equipment. This is especially crucial if you have a larger event or an outdoor event, as the sound needs to be clear, as well as high volume.

Additional Lighting/ Special Effects

When you hire a Dallas DJ or any vendor for that matter, it’s always best to hire someone that has more options to offer you. Rather than hiring a DJ just for music, find one that can bring all of the trappings of audio/visual entertainment such as uplighting, smoke machines, dancefloor lighting, etc. This is another reason it’s important to schedule consultations with multiple DJs so you can compare what additional offerings they can include for you. At Be Entertained, we offer uplighting and dancefloor lighting in most of our packages, as well as some other extras including livestream, bubble machine, glowstick batons, and a premium photo booth/ selfie station!

Specially Curated Music Playlists

The overall mood and theme for any given social event can differ dramatically, and that will require the music, lighting, and MCing to follow the appropriate suit. For example, the mood, and therefore music, for a 13-year-old boy’s Bar Mitzvah will be very different from the mood of a country club gala. At Be Entertained Events, our Dallas DJs created playlists with specially selected songs to match your event and the timeline of your event.

Timeline Planning

Most social events have an internal timeline to ensure all of the desired objectives and acknowledgments are made. When you work with the Dallas DJs of Be Entertained Events, we handle all of the timeline planning to work in step with your social event. Our goal is to make the planning process as easy and enjoyable for you as possible.

Event Transitioning

One of the major benefits of hiring a Dallas DJ is having a Master of Ceremonies to help you guide your guests through the transitions of your event. When you work with Be Entertained’s Dallas DJs, on top of fantastic music, high-quality audio/visual, entertaining extras, playlist, and timeline planning, you also will get our energetic and engaging MCing to help guide your guests to the right place at the right time.

Set-Up and Break Down

Set-up and breakdown times are often tallied in the packages you book for, however, you want to make sure that you’re receiving your contracted set time/ playtime. Our Dallas DJs have been performing for years. We’re highly experienced in setting up and breaking down promptly. While set up and break down time often depends on the size of the event, we allocate only about 2 hours of our total time to set up and break down. We also make sure that we have backup equipment so if we see something amiss during set-up, we are never delayed.

Contact Be Entertained for All of Your Social Event Dallas DJ Needs!

The Be Entertained Events Dallas DJs are a growing group of female DJs that are highly experienced, highly engaging, and highly praised! Our passions of music, people, and creating lasting, happy memories are what drives them to be the best performers and entertainers in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas.

Be Entertained provides DJ services for all social events, wedding events, corporate events, and even virtual events. From our team of unique and talented DJs, we’re sure to match you with the right DJ for any occasion. If you’d like to schedule a consultation select our contract page for an instant pricing brochure, or call our office at (682) 268 - 1960. With Be Entertained Events, you’ll have a sensational experience every time.


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