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How Much Does a Dallas DJ Cost?

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

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This is one of the most frequently asked questions. The short answer is that your Dallas DJ cost usually depends on how long the DJ will be working on your event and the DJ’s experience. The rate can also change depending on the length and size of your party, as well as any other services your DJ provides. A Dallas wedding DJ quote will be very different from a Dallas club DJ as the experience level and services are so different. There is no specific number but that is also one of the main reasons why we cover the pricing details. This way, you can get a better picture of what you can expect when hiring a DJ for your party or event.

Some guides state that the average cost of a DJ would vary between $800-2500. While some others say that the national average is somewhere close to $1200. But for us to narrow that price range down for your special day, then you need to know and understand that the cost of hiring a DJ depends on their experience, the length of time they will be performing, a full-time DJ that devotes their attention to you versus a “hobby” DJ, the duties they are hired to perform, as well as the equipment they choose to use and bring. The advice we have listed here is primarily focused on wedding events, but this doesn’t mean it's limited to that event only. These suggestions can also be used for other types of events too.

What are the denominators that you can expect when hiring a DJ?

Factors That Determine Your Expected Dallas DJ Cost

DJ Experience

The experience a DJ has can greatly impact their rates. And that is something we can expect because the more experience they have then the better they usually are at their job and its duties. They can handle situations that are surprising and unexpected. And they can do this naturally because they are industry veterans. Some sources say that beginner DJ's with no actual real training in mixing or MCing can charge around $350-$650. These DJs would be a great option for those couples who are on a very tight budget, but you should keep in mind that you will be getting what you paid for, and the DJ may decide not to continue with their career path before your wedding date.

DJ Time

Some meticulous brides know exactly what a DJ should be doing and for how long they should be doing it. They also know what kind of information their DJ would need. This kind of information helps the DJs determine when they should be playing specific songs and when they need to start hosting or being an emcee. It also helps them be aware and ready for when the music needs to be paused, so you can take over the mic for those special speech moments. But some brides have no clue what a DJ should be doing at their wedding and they do not know what they should be expecting as well.

The common length of time that a DJ is hired for is between 3 to 6 hours. This is especially true for weddings. But these sets of hours can be expanded when you receive your customized quote or estimate. If for example, you know that you will have a total of 30 minutes allocated for all the speeches of your loved ones, then you should let your DJ know so they can set that up in between their sets. And do this before your special day. This gives them the chance to create a plan with you, about when it’s going to happen and what is going to happen. Having all the information will also allow you to receive a proper quote for the DJs time. Keep in mind, a well-experienced DJ will walk you through a timeline so your event runs smoothly and keeps your guests entertained and comfortable! The bonus of hiring a professional full-time DJ is knowing they have the time devoted to you and your wedding to guide you through each important planning step and music selection.

DJ Duties

Usually, a DJ that is trained will also know how to MC, as your Master of Ceremonies, meaning they can engage with your guests to help the crowd transition from one segment of your wedding to the next one. Having an awesome time is part of the DJs job. And they can do this by helping to get your guests in the right places at the right time, as well as getting your guests to dance. There are so many DJs and they all have different personalities. You should consider this when hiring your wedding DJ. But some DJs are uncomfortable MCing. They may not know or have the needed skills to engage with your guests with the type of flair you want and need. There are also some situations where your DJ may not even offer the MC service.

So, you must discuss with your DJ that you are considering hiring about the duties you require. Be transparent with them about the services they may not offer. Think about your DJ's way of engaging with your guests, like dance battles or unique ways for song requests. Will they help you plan and find good time stamps to transition from one segment of your wedding to the next? Having all this data and information will greatly help you in deciding which DJ you should hire for your special day.

DJ Equipment

Some venues will allow you to use their equipment. While most DJs will bring their own pieces of equipment. Some DJs may not even have the tools that they need to perform for your event. While other DJs will have the basic equipment needed but lack other accessories such as; lapel or wireless microphones, dance lighting, fog machines, bubble machines, and or extra speakers. Requiring any of these additional tools may cost you a little more. Experienced DJs usually elect to bring their own equipment so they know it is reliable and because they are well trained on how to troubleshoot this equipment anything goes wrong.

Special Requests

Experienced DJ's have a wide music library, with professional memberships to music pools and can easily cooperate and coordinate with you on a handful of different things. But there are also times when a DJ may have a specialized set of skills that may be challenging to execute in certain locations making them pricier and more popular. Things like this are surprising and unexpected and can increase the rates that the DJ can charge you.

Dates of Reservation

This may not be something that you have considered but the date or day that you have your wedding can also cause a change in the rate charged to you by your DJ. Specialized events or popular wedding dates can lead to a positive spike in the price or charge of your DJ. So, consider hiring a DJ at an earlier time with at least a 9-month notice. If you are on the hunt for that special date then we suggest you hire someone as soon as possible so that you don't miss out on hiring your perfect DJ.

Also, the off-season months for weddings are January, February, June-August, and also November.

DJ Add-ons

Uplighting, photo booth, moving lights, and monograms are excellent additions to your special event, and they can even make the ambiance of your wedding that much more memorable. But if you want all these add-ons included then be ready to pay extra. Some DJs offer services beyond just mixing songs. While others may not offer other equipment or services. Making it more vital that you ask your DJ what special services they can offer besides playing music. Some DJs will have the capacity to offer more than just what was expected of them but that doesn’t mean every DJ can offer the same.

Questions Your Dallas DJ Will Ask For Them To Determine The Cost.

For your DJ to provide you with an accurate quote it is natural for them to want detailed information about the event and to clarify what your requirements or expectations are. A wedding specialized DJ may already have an idea about this information but just to make sure they are not presuming incorrectly they will ask you for some key details and or information like:

  • Venue type

  • Venue Size

  • The genre of music to be played

  • Aura or environment of the event

  • Date and time they are being booked

  • Extras and add-ons

  • Book a Be Entertained DJ at an awesome price

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