Livestream Wedding & Event Packages 

A Sense of Assurance in Uncertain Times


  • Affordability: As a DJ & Audio/Visual Company we offer a 1 or 2 HD camera setup with professional wireless microphones to capture pristine audio at an affordable option for clients without services they may not need or cannot afford; such as cinematic edited video recaps or full videography packages. Our services may be al la carte at only $400 or complimentary with our DJ and Photobooth entertainment packages. *Travel fees may apply

  • Reliability: Every venue and chapel is set up differently, and we recognize each have different wifi strengths or limited access to wifi. We recommend different options to you based on your specific venue to accommodate the wifi strengths, our hotspot access, or recorded live streams that may later be hosted as a watch party you may also be able to enjoy with your guests. We take time to build a relationship with you to offer the best option customized for each celebration.

  • HD Recorded Ceremony Keepsake complimentary for each and every celebration.

  • Unlimited Audiences: You are set up with a custom facebook group, and or private website to invite your guests who may not be able to safely attend or travel. Guests have access to re-watch the livestream indefinitely as long as you chooses to keep your facebook group open or share your livestream via your own social media channels. 

  • Portability: Live stream equipment is portable and battery powered so we can set up anywhere. 

  • Interaction: Guests can interact with one another during the live stream chat. Couples are also invited to the live stream after the ceremony to read comments or share a few words. During (next day) live stream watch parties for remote areas, couples are also included in the livestream as "speakers" to recap their favorite moments, share photos, and tell their guests behind the scenes stories from their wedding day if you wish!

  • Watch on any device: Our live stream services are compatible with all major laptop/desktop browsers, tablets, and phones. 

Each and every guest can help you celebrate your special day! Let's get started and plan a time to chat about the different options for you.

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