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How to Find the Right Music DJ for Your Party

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

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Finding vendors is a vital task within the greater process of event planning. From your florist to your caterers to your perfect venue, eve minute detail counts but a lot of people forget that, most times attendees remember the end of the event the most. To truly curate a successful event, you need to include great music entertainment for your guests.

Consider Your Type of Event Before Looking for a Music DJ

Music is extremely vital for any occasion and any event. It sets the mood and the environment for the type of occasion that you are holding or hosting. You need to choose the right music appropriately; will it be a solemn event or will it be a dancing party? Will it be relatively the same theme throughout, or will you be needing the music to adjust to different parts of a program? These are some of the things you need to consider.

If you are planning a corporate event, a wedding, or even just a holiday party the music you decide to play will have a significant role in the overall experience that your attendees or guests will have. This is because music affects our well-being and emotions. It can raise our energy, uplift us, and foster a serene environment to calm us down.

However, you don’t want to consider it too long, otherwise, the perfect DJ may already be booked for another party. It is surprising how a lot of people only think about booking their party DJs in the later part of their planning process. Not only is critical to get an awesome party DJ for an event to succeed, but you also want to be sure they are professional and can match your event style.

Consider What Type of Entertainment You Want To Provide

Deciding on the ideal perfect entertainment for you can be a challenging task. And a lot of times the choice boils down to either having a live band or a music DJ. For some smaller events, like weddings or birthdays, it can be a matter of preference. However, for large events like charity or corporate events music DJs may be better suited.

For most guests, a great party is determined by if they were able to dance all night to the music that they truly enjoy while connecting with their friends and family. When guests decide to stand up and groove onto the dance floor there is a process that is undertaken. It involves people dropping their inhibitions as they fly off into the exciting world of lights and music. Their memories and their emotions can easily be ignited by the music DJ. And this process can instantaneously bring people back to their youthful days. This can be an awesome and unforgettable journey if your DJ can choose the right tunes to play for your event.

Qualities of a Great Music DJ

A great DJ can read the crowd and they can ensure that the dance floor will be full the entire time. An excellent DJ should have a passion for different types of genres of music. They should be open to different forms of sounds and tunes so that they can predict the response people will have in the room when they play specific songs from their collection.

A DJ needs to be able to read his or her crowd and instinctively know what kind of song or music genre will get people shaking and dancing. If, however, you give your DJ a playlist then we highly recommend that you give your DJ the space to choose which tracks to play and when.

Now, when guests share the dance floor, it is closely similar to an audience or a group of people laughing together. Dancing helps people to relax and unwind, boost their energy, and also triggers the release of their feel-good chemicals. The feel-good chemical that is released can also be promoted by the DJ if he or she plays uplifting songs that can get their blood pumping. Music that is typically written in major keys.

A great DJ should know what music they need to play to make people feel better. It can be quite challenging for a party DJ to get their guests to stand and dance onto the dance floor. Especially during the early times of the event where a lot of the guests might not know each other. Some interactions with the

microphone are needed to help make the guests feel more relaxed and sometimes a little encouragement can help create and foster the party environment.

Different techniques can be applied, and this is normally where the DJ’s varying styles and approaches would play a part to develop a party environment. Some people prefer to have a DJ that is vocally interactive with their guests or audience. While others prefer a modern approach where there is minimal talking happening and the focus is on the great music and taking of guests' song requests.

Booking Your Music DJ for Your Party

As we previously mentioned, if you leave the booking of your music DJ or party DJ to the very last minute, then you will most likely end up with a less experienced DJ. The most popular and the best DJ’s normally get booked in advance. It would be best to secure your DJ two to four months in advance for one-day events, 4 - 8 months in advance for weddings and other larger events.

Here are some things you should consider before you book and hire your DJ:

  • Set a Clear Style

You need to make it clear with your possible DJ about the style that you would like. This is applied to both the music that will be played as well as the style of their interaction with your guests. Make it clear if you want a DJ who will interact with your guests often or if you want or prefer for your DJ to focus all their energies on the music. Be clear with them if you want a wider range of classic party music or modern club anthem songs. An awesome DJ can adapt to different requests and situations. To sum it up be clear with the DJ that you are considering hiring, the type of DJ that you are looking for or need.

  • Ask For Testimonials

Ensure that you ask for a lot of testimonials from past customers which would show if the DJ was able to read the audience and keep the guests or audience on the dance-floor. You need to make sure that the DJ has experience working for the same event that you are holding or hosting. Because different events may require different skills, experience, and equipment.

  • Inquire About Types of Equipment

Ask your DJ if they will provide high-quality equipment or any suitable lighting. Will they provide subtle mood lighting, calm and quiet music for the start or beginning of the event? An excellent quality PA system will also allow the DJ to play the sound or music loud enough for people to feel the thump and energy of the music. But this is without being too overpowering. Cheap PA systems will sound terrible when it is pushed past a certain limit or volume and it makes the music sounds tiring and harsh.

  • Will You Need to Use Their Equipment?

Sometimes this is taken for granted by organizers of this event. Some party DJ’s don’t like it when other people present an award, sing, or give speeches through their very own microphone or PA system. This usually occurs because they want to avoid getting any of their equipment damaged or broken. We highly recommend that you discuss with the DJ that you are considering to hire before the event, about the extent to which the DJ will allow other people to use his or her equipment.

  • Cheaper Isn’t Better

It is tempting to go and search for a cheaper or a local DJ. But you shouldn’t underestimate how vital the quality of the DJ is. Their skills will play an important role in how the night of your event will go. They are responsible for entertaining your attendees or guests within the period of the event. They are the main focal point of the night. You wouldn’t want to risk being embarrassed for the sake of saving up a few dollars.

An awesome DJ will make your party the talk of the town. They are the foundation and the highlight of your entire event. So, scrimping on the music is counter-productive to the result you would want to achieve.

Get Your Music Entertainment Needs & More From Be Entertained Events

It can be challenging and difficult to find the exact DJ that you want to hire, that can encompass all these traits and characteristics. With the list we gave above, we hope that you would know or would get an idea of where to begin and what questions you should be asking.

But if you are not comfortable with organizing the entire event by yourself and you are not confident with which DJ you should hire then you can check out our services on our website. We would be more than happy to help you get everything set up so you can see your event executed perfectly, professionally and just the way you want and need.


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