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Custom Sunglasses, Throwbacks & Classic Rock- A night to remember.

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

Dallas DJ - Be Entertained Events - DJ in Dallas

One of my favorite couples of the year! Audrey & Derek from the first time I met them were just charismatic, glowing, and spoke my music love languages! 😁 I knew their wedding was going to be 🔥! And it really was. Audrey gave me creative freedom but also understood what details to give me to perfectly reflect them on their wedding day. This review literally gave me goosebumps! She just "gets it" what I strive to be and do as a wedding dj. What an honor to meet this couple and be apart of their day! Filled with the perfect amount of drinks, good food, amazing vendors, the right mood and vibes, glow sticks and custom sunglasses! WIth just the right mix of classic rock, a few country, and throwbacks, it was a Wedding to love seeing love 😍😎

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